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Sometimes we could all use a little direction in our lives

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Pamela Bliss is blessed with a rare and unique ability to sense, "see" and translate direct messages from higher forms of guidance to help us profoundly shift and heal our lives. Recognized as a truly gifted intuitive medium and master yoga teacher, she is honored to pass messages from the spirit realm to those of us looking for guidance or closure on the earthly plane. Known for her down-to-earth style and astonishing accuracy, her wide-spread appeal and healing message has lead to appearances throughout the US. Through private or group intuitive readings, yoga and meditation, Pamela continues to have a positive influence on thousands of people’s lives.

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Stay centered, gain clarity, learn to focus

Pamela’s meditation CD has helped people worldwide find inner peace and contentment

The Sound and Light of Bliss: Illumination is dedicated to the Awakening of Global Consciousness. It aims to guide listeners towards finding their inner truth, their rightful path and assists in attaining the highest purpose of the soul. This Meditation CD is a wonderfully, relaxing way to keep calm and stay centered throughout those hectic or stressful periods of our lives.

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Yoga School & Private Sessions - Milwaukee, Brookfield


Pamela has worked with thousands of people to facilitate empowerment and healing. Private sessions are offered in person, by phone or via Skype internationally.

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Yoga Teacher Training - Milwaukee, Brookfield

Yoga Teacher Training

Do you want to live an inspired life as you give back to others? Become a Certified Yoga Teacher and change your life! Learn under the guidance of Pamela through one of the world’s most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Enroll now for the next Yoga Teacher Training & Certification program at YogAsylum

EcoPsychology - Milwaukee, Brookfield


A contemporary field of thought that links our identity, health and sanity directly to the well-being of the earth. Learn to deepen your relationship to the natural world for total health and wellbeing.

Looking for answers, healing, inner calm, inspiration, purpose, direction?

These people were too - and thanks to Pamela Bliss they’ve found it

EcoPsychology - Milwaukee, Brookfield

In the post-new-age world, when so many lay claims to be “healers” of one sort or another, there are a few rare and uniquely talented individuals who truly merit the term. Pamela Bliss is one of these—an altruistic, unassuming gift to the world, here to be discovered by those fortunate enough to cross her path and realize her remarkable nature and inspiring story. The world would be a better and happier place if there were more Pamela Blisses in it.

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You can find both Bliss World Productions and Everyday Bliss in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee.

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Yoga School - Milwaukee, Brookfield

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