Kimberly Walbrun

I had spent many years managing a painful, and seemingly unavoidable, situation. In my heart I knew I needed to find a way to peacefully disengage myself completely from that which no longer served me, and move into a healthier reality so I could fully heal myself.

Mary Waring

I came to Pamela Bliss at YogAsylum in February 2012 with the hope of finding relief from pervasive pain. By our third session I was inspired to make the Yoga Teacher Training! I jumped into the “yoga pool” with both feet, not even sure if I would know how to swim.


Pamela’s life is testimony to the fact that what we create in our lives is not determined by the circumstances and events we are dealt, but rather by how we respond to them. She now cherishes the difficulties of her earlier life as gifts—gifts that have molded her into the deeply caring and fiercely compassionate force for healing that she has become.

Kesha Engle

I have been a student of Pamela Bliss at her eco-friendly studio since 2005. She truly walks her talk and anyone who comes into her presence cannot help but be infused with her joy and enthusiasm. She is a true teacher’s teacher with a healing and devotional aspect to her practice.

Troy Stetina

In the post new-age world, when so many lay claim as “healers” of one sort or another, there are a few rare and uniquely talented individuals who truly merit the term. Pamela Bliss is one of these—an altruistic, unassuming gift to the world, here to be discovered by those fortunate enough to cross her path and realize her remarkable nature and inspiring story.

Pamm Steffen

Pamela Bliss is authentic; the real deal. Her knowledge and core beliefs permeate her presentations with a centered peace anyone would do well to emulate. She shows us another way through sharing her many years of education, research, and living off the mat in balance.