I had spent many years managing a painful, and seemingly unavoidable, situation. In my heart I knew I needed to find a way to peacefully disengage myself completely from that which no longer served me, and move into a healthier reality so I could fully heal myself. After years of effort, prayer, counsel and meditation, I had not been able to shift this tormenting situation.

I decided to have an Intuitive Healing Session with Pamela Bliss. After explaining a few details of my odd plight, Pamela was able to fill in the blanks and received a full picture of what was happening and what was needed. At the end of our hour, the greatest burden of my life was lifted in a peaceful and loving way. It was something I had longed for my entire life and Pamela Bliss was able to help me shift the energy and move it forward with loving kindness.

Today, my life continues to be positively affected by this enormous shift. There are no words that could adequately express my love and gratitude for Pamela and the powerful gifts she shares with this world.

Kimberly Walbrun